AVANTGARDE's crew gets the highest bank foreign exchange rate of the day for their allotment which is deposited to their accounts immediately after processing upon receipt of Principals' remittance.


A competent registered nurse is on hand to provide pre and post medical assistance to crew members who are on sick leave.

"At AVANTGARDE, we create and implement new ideas that cut our Principal's crew costs."

Family Center

As AVANTGARDE believes that a happy and worry-free crew is a competent and efficient crew, a well equipped family center is present to render assistance to the crew's family in their various needs while they are on board.

FAMIILY CENTER offers services that connect the crew to their families while they are away.

  • accepting packages/letters/cash from the crew on board to their families in the Philippines;
  • accepting letters/packages from the families of crew for delivery to their respective vessels;
  • assistance in contacting the crew on board, in coordination with the principals during urgent family emergencies;
  • assistance in sending and delivering greeting cards, flowers to their families on special occassions, upon request of the crew on board;
  • assistance in contacting families who have not been in touch with the crew on board for along time;
  • counseling, if necessary, family members experiencing difficult times brought about by the absence of the crew who is serving contract onboard the ships;
  • livelihood training and assistance for families and crew themselves if and when they decide to retire from seafaring through our Multipurpose Cooperative.


Organized by the founder of AVANTGARDE, Allied aims to provide financial assistance and livelihood education programs to seafarers and their families through cooperative membership.


AVANTGARDE's Principals have the option to have their own headquarters within the AVANTGARDE building for their convenience. Complete with an exclusive office and competent, dedicated staff, this serves as their "home away from home."